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We are the two, Piia (from finland) and Oliver (from Canada),

whose nothings are being written home about - these stories and pictures of ours we'd like to share from our adventures of all scales, from wandering around the corners of our home in Yukon, Canada, to global yondering.


We begin writing from central Chile; the first checkpoint on our six-month holiday that will hopefully include some farm work in Chilean countryside, long-distance hiking in the southern Andes and road tripping in Patagonia. When the summer turns to fall in southern South America we'll head to Indonesia and change our high altitude views to below-the-surface environments and tropic island time. Once we've got our share of exotic wildlife (and possible creepy crawlies - 'Hopefully!' says Oliver), it's time to change the landscape once more to our final destination, Kyrgyzstan, where we'll return to the hills (and the dregs of winter) to contribute our skills and enthusiasm to a wolf and snow leopard research project in the Tien Shan mountains.


We hope for once-in-a-lifetime stories and pictures, memories and adventures, food and flavours, something other than nothing to write home about.

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